Maya Ceramics

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There are many different types of styles and cultures that affect the work of ceramics. One type of culture that was very interesting was the Pre-Columbian Maya culture of Mesoamerica. The natural environment that the Mayans lived in offered a wealth of materials and ideas to give works of beautiful art. “The Maya used ceramics every day, small cups for drinking vessels, tall cylinders for storing and pouring ritual beverages, and plates for all sorts of delicious foodstuffs, from tamales to corncakes served with sauces” ( Miller 190). The Maya had specific techniques and shared similarities with the ancient Greeks regarding how they formed their own clay slips.

Maya period
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A recent research in this field observed and named a style called the Holmul-style pottery from the archaeological site of Holmul, Guatemala, where vessels painted in this style were first excavated in 1911. Many Holmul-style vessels can be classified into two groups, one linked with the site of Holmul and the other with Naranjo, located in eastern Guatemala.

The text painted on the vase say that it was made for Lord K'ak Til, ruler of the stalwart site of Naranjo, located 35 kilometers west of Buenavista. The chemical form of the vase also points to the Naranjo area as the location of the workshop where this fine vessel was created. Its finding in a royal burial at Buenavista apparently expounds socio-political bonds between the two sites. These bonds re not covered on Naranjo's carved stone monuments and Buenavista's stele are too abraded to regain any of their primary historical information. Hence, the Buenavista Vase is the only surviving documentation of historical connections between these two sites. The archaeologists' cautious corroboration of the necessary link in which the vase was found provides unmatched resources of information, which is refined by the vase's stylistic, hieroglyphic and chemical examination. By way of such examples as the Buenavista Vase, 'Painting the Maya Universe' attempts to teach the public about the calamitous and irreplaceable loss of human


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