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In its first year of operation, J.CO Donuts & Coffee was awarded “Marketing Award” as the brand with the best product innovation. Following this award, J.CO won “Best Donut 2006” by FREE Magazine at the end of 2006.
In early 2008, J.CO Donuts & Coffee received the award “The Integrated Marketing Strategy Champion 2008” by SWA business magazine and Mark Plus & Co.
J.CO Donuts & Coffee became the “buzz” of the town and grabbed a lot of attention from the Indonesian media. The latest award we received was CAKRAM AWARD 2008 for the Breakthrough Campaign category in Food & Beverage.

Since its establishment in 2005, J.CO Donuts & Coffee has already won 4 different awards from distinguished institutions.
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The introductory years of JCO donut became a success, every variant was carefully created and innovated to satisfy the taste of new generation, during the time where JCO’s success was at its peak they created a signature promotion wherein they are claiming that they are generous enough to spoil their customers, and for a couple of years its been a satifying strategy that created good relationship with their loyal customers.

In terms of good advertisement , competitor seems have had leaped a huge percentage of success over what JCO’s Donuts could offer, those competitors like Krispy Creme and Go Nuts Donut s became popular with their interesting offers and promotions and that is not so good news in JCO’s Donuts part. In order to increase sales and to be able to introduced products in a profitable way wherein slow moving product lines could be profitable, we decided to come up with a new approach wherein the weak product lines could be the strenght and advantage in terms of advertisement. In this scenario we are trying to increase the sales of the weak product lines and at the same we are earning profit out of it, but thats not the end of this strategy we are trying also to help a government chariry institution, because coming from the company’s mission, as we are on our way to success , the community benifits also.

The past sales of JCO’s Donuts speak for itself, during our