Fundamental Requirements of Montessori Tools

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2.Explain the fundamental requirements of Montessori tools?
Ans- The fundamental requirements of Montessori tools are: A).The control of error B).Aesthetics C).Activity D).Limits
a)THE CONTROL OF ERROR: A child notices a mistake in the use of materials ,so every effort should be made to see that the materials offered to a child contains themselves a control of error .We can take an example of wooden bases with holes to receive cylinder of graduated dimensions, from thin to thick , short to tall, or small to large. The holes in the wooden
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But the truth is, every object can be removed, used and taken to its proper place, so as to make the attractions of the environment inexhaustible, and not let a child make interest only for a day.
Lastly one principle common thing is the materials devised for a child’s education. The greatest importance , is that the materials should be in limit, in quantity. This principle is clearly understood. A normal child is already in contact with the material world, and does not need stimulation to awaken him. He already has constant, countless relations with his environment, and only needs to bring order into the chaos created in his mind by many sensations coming to him from outside world. He only needs to be guided to explore the world that is new to him, and which can lead him to his goal and keep him from wandering aimlessly. He then attaches himself to those things passionately, and brings order into the chaos that has been created inside him. This provide light for his exploring mind and guide for his researches. He then becomes an enlighten man who makes new discoveries at every steps and forwards with the strength which he gets from inner satisfaction. Evidence of this kind should certainly modify the idea still held by many that a child is


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