Vying for Patients, Hospitals Think Location, Location.

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Hospitals are health care institutions that are normally located in areas that are densely populated.
There are over 17,000 hospitals in the whole world. In accord with the original meaning of the word, hospitals were originally "places of hospitality", and this meaning is still preserved in the names of some institutions such as the Royal Hospital Chelsea, established in 1681 as a retirement and nursing home for veteran soldiers. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hospital#General)
In general, hospitals are normally located in areas where they are other major hospitals as a way to acquire materials at low transportation costs. Unlike other businesses like franchises like McDonalds that would prefer to be in an area where there
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h. Expanding some sites of hospitals requires expanding the services to provide more health care services like dental care, Optic care, and physiotherapy and so on. This will help in the handling of a wider range of patients with different health care needs which will help in the acquiring of a larger market share and optimize profits.

2. What potential sales do you believe can be realized from each solution suggested?

a. Emergency patients are some of the potential sales that could be realized from both enough parking space and accessibility proved by good location near major transport stations and major roads.
b. Loyal customers and patients can be realized from friendly doctors and nurses and also high quality services provided by the staff.
c. Advertising can help in the making of potential clients who in case of hospitals are virtually human being aware of the services the hospital provides for example; American Hospital in Dubai that advertises in Dubai international airport making all the passengers who go through Dubai airport know about their services.

3. Where, in each case, should outlets be located to optimize market share, sales and profits without negatively impacting on other outlets?

a. In some cases hospitals lose market share when there are too many physicians, medical suppliers and other healthcare providers within the community, and for that reason one may even pay top dollar for a less