Dry Pasta

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The purpose I present about this topic is to introduce and help everyone to gain further knowledge about pasta. Although everyone know what is pasta, and eats pasta, but I am sure that anyone of us do not know what the actual history of pasta is. Furthermore, I will also explain the benefits of pasta, pasta shapes, recommendation of sauces for different types of pasta, and the basic way of cooking pasta.

Pasta is an Italian food made from dough using flour, water and eggs. When talking about the origin of pasta, a distinction needs to be made between fresh and dry pasta. Fresh pasta is dough made of flour and water and is present in most cultures and on all continents. Dry pasta began in Italy and embarked from there to conquer the
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So, be wise for choosing sauces that are suitable and healthy for us.

1. Heat the pan up, control the fire, and make sure it is not too fierce or too small.
2. Pour some oil onto the pan; make sure the pan is dried enough.
3. Put in some meat or sausage and fry until golden brown.
4. Pour in the sauce that you want to use.
5. Put in some water to prevent the sauce dried out.
6. Stir carefully.
7. After few minutes, it is ready to be served.

* Additional TIPS
You can add in some cheeses to make it more milky, or some chilies to make it spicy, depends on your taste.

Pasta is an ancient food, which is wonderful for anyone of us. It is famous among us and can be said conquered the world. It is tasty and it has different kind of shapes which match with different kind of sauces.

It can benefit us because Pasta, by itself, is a nutritious food. It is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, an important contributor of protein, B vitamins, and iron. Besides that, it contains almost no fat, cholesterol, or sodium which would not harm our health. However, although the pasta is good, but some of the sauces may harm our health, so please be wise when purchasing sauces, for the sake of goodness that we could live happily and healthy in our daily lives.

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