Lord of the Flies Analysis

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Chris Sani
English 2 7th period
October 2, 2012
Study of savagery through the novel Lord of the Flies
“Isolation is a dream killer” (Barbara Sher). In the novel Lord of the Flies written by William Golding, kids stranded on an island must figure out how to survive. By hunting pigs and building shelters the kids tried to subsist on the island. Through the process of hunting, the kids became cruel, evolving to the point of being barbaric. Thus, through the barbaric actions of the boys and the outside world, Golding shows that savagery exists in all people.
To begin, the barbaric actions of the boys, shows that savagery exists in all people. After the first successful hunt, the mock ceremony of Robert playing the pig
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The want of destruction can be seen again when the island is set on fire by Jack on the hunt for Ralph. Through this destruction, Golding acknowledges that savagery exists in the blood of humanity. One may think humanity is superior to all else, and that humans are good, but in fact, humans are the most destructive race in the history of Earth. Furthermore, while the battle takes place in the sky, a “sudden bright explosion” fills the sky, and a “figure [with dangling limbs] drops swiftly beneath a parachute” (Golding 95). Through the man with dangling limbs, Golding shows the effect of war, one of the greatest forces of destruction. A war is created through the peoples’ wants and desires, in which savagery controls a person enough for a man to take drastic steps for their desires. One of these desires for war is shown when people join the army for the desire and pride of killing, and they show the savagery exists within them, within the humankind. At the end, the naval officer who comes to rescue the boy, “[stands] on the sand,” and “[lets] his eyes rest on the trim cruiser,” a weapon of mass destruction (Golding 202). The naval officer looks at the cruiser through disgust and sadness because of the once British boys that has turned into savages. Nevertheless, the naval officer himself “engrosses in the savage business of international warfare” showing the “real nature of all humans… as savages”


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