Rehabilitation Paper

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Throughout the years, many processes have been created to form the rehabilitation process of criminal justice. This process has reached out to many offenders and their families by allowing them to return to the community as changed individuals. Rehabilitation has many different process, but most, if not all have been proven successful in returning offenders to the community as changed individuals.
Rehabilitation is defined as a return to a previous form. In criminal justice, rehabilitation is referred as a designed attempt to change attitudes and behaviors of inmates, concentrating on the prevention of an inmate's future criminal behaviors (Seiter, 2011). Since the creation of prisons, the focus on prisons in the United States was based
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When compared to other forms of sentencing, probation differs by allowing criminals to interact with society instead of being incarcerated. This aids the criminal in integrating back into society. Probation is often offered to first time, non-violent offenders who do not present to be a flight risk.
Sometimes referred to as non-institutional corrections, community corrections can be defined as a form of corrections where criminal offenders are supervised and are also provided with services and programs outside of jail or prison. Probation and parole are the most well-known forms of community corrections, but the term also includes home confinement, electronic monitoring, day fine programs, work release, halfway houses, restitution, community service, and check-in programs. Other programs and regulations consist of curfews, drug/alcohol checks, mediation, restorative justice centers, and any other offender monitoring or reporting program that walks the line between trust and safety.
In the rehabilitation process of inmates, the current parole process, probation system, and community corrections are often brought into question. A brief background of each should be presented before questioning the success of the rehabilitation process. Parole, meaning “word of honor”, dates back in the 1700s from the French. Parole guidelines weigh an inmates good behavior while in


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