Loose Change Documentart Response

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On September 11, 2001 the United States became ground for numerous terrorist attacks, killing many innocent Americans. One of the attacks included the crashing of United Airlines Flight 93. The plan crashed at 10:03 A.M into a field in Shanksville Pennsylvania at 580 mph. It was Boeing 757 that held 37 passengers and 7 crew members that all were killed from the crash. The flights path was originally suppose to fly from Newark, New Jersey to San Francisco, California, until four Muslim Hijackers took control of the plane and were headed toward Washington D.C (Avery). The passengers were frightened for their lives and several were able to make phone calls to their families to say their last goodbyes before the crash. When the passengers were …show more content…

For the debris that were found scattered over 6 miles they claim it was possible for the wind to have blown them that far since the wind had blown light debris a little over a mile. A Third source from WTAE Pittsburgh News discusses a theory they say was heightened by witnesses in the Indian Lake area that a white jet was circling around the area at the time of the crash, which possible could have been shot down. It then goes to tell another theory that they also believe the plane never crashed, but was sent to Cleveland instead where NASA Space Agency provided a cover-up. I agree with the documentary suggesting that a 757 airplane did not crash at the site in Shanksville, because they provide evidence and research along with their theories. Being that they had sources from the Department of Environmental Protection state the amount of jet fuel that was left over, which was none, compared to the amount that the plane had also swayed me to believe there was no way that particular plane could have crashed.. Research with history of three airplane crashes from Turkish Airlines Flight 981, Air India 182, and Japan Flight 183 Showed that all planes were found regardless of what happened with bodies, or even on one plane four survivors. Even So hearing that Flight 93 strangely just disappears in the ground with no large pieces of evidence or bodies left behind just didn’t sound believable to me. I also think the size of the hole that the