Policy Brief Final Assignment

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Policy Brief Final Assignment
Sisseritta Demps
PP504: Professor Thomason
August 11, 2014

Marijuana legalization has been a controversial topic requiring a public policy solution in the political realm. There have been various arguments made for and against the legalization of marijuana. There are several states that have legalized marijuana use for medicinal purposes while others have let their guards down completely allowing citizens to use it not only medicinally, but recreationally as well. While the use of marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, there is much discussion by other states regarding policies to support marijuana legalization and many policy makers proactively planning for the possibility
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There are various states that have discussed, voted on, and implemented laws for marijuana use. Some are currently enforcing the laws. Compared to those states, Florida is behind. There is some history of the issue being discussed; however nothing as formal and detailed as other states. There is a documented case concerning illegal marijuana use that was overturned opening the eyes of many to the medical abilities of the drug. This document will include history surrounding the discussion of marijuana legalization in the state of Florida and includes a court case that is probably the state’s first dealings of the drug for medicinal purposes, ballot initiative #2 which is a pending policy for the use of the drug for medicinal purposes, House Bill 859, and Senate Bill 962.
Legal Proceeding: Jenks V. State of Florida 582 SO.2D 676 One of the first documented cases concerning marijuana for medicinal purposes in the state of Florida was Jenks V. State of Florida. Defendants Kenneth and Barbara Jenks were convicted for cultivating marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Unknown to the court at the time was the intended use of drugs until the actual case. Both Kenneth and Barbara Jenks were extremely ill and experiencing excruciating pain as a result of their illnesses. The court documents revealed the details to their


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