Henry Viii, Authority, Nation & Religion as Full Notes

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1511-12 | First War with France | Unable to sustain the campaign, due to poor alliance with Ferdinand of Spain and HRE, did nothing and pulled out. Spain used invasion as distraction to seize Navarre | 1513 | Battle of Spurs | Defeated the French, captured towns Therouanne and Tournai, neither of which were much use to England, but in peace treaty signed in 1514 with Louis XII, Henry was to keep the towns | | Battle of Flodden | Scottish King James IV took advantage of Henry’s absence to invade England, Earl of Surrey’s troops defeated the Scots, James killed and Henry’s sister Margaret became regent | 1518 | Treaty of London | Wolsey drew up a treaty of universal peace, which united Europe against the Ottoman Empire, committed the …show more content…

England and France declared war on Charles in 1528 | | Wolsey’s Secret Court | Wolsey was instructed to begin legal proceedings to free Henry from his ‘invalid’ marriage, set up a secret tribunal at Westminster where the validity of Papal Dispensation was attacked | 1529 | Treaty of Cambrai | Charles defeated Francis in June 1528, for Francis, no alternative but to agree with terms of Emperor and Charles’ control of Italy was confirmed. Highlighted clear failure of Henry & Wolsey’s policy = English delegates not invited to negotiations and had no influence over terms of treaty, Henry wasn’t considered an equal | | Court of Blackfriars | Annulment decided at Blackfriars Court, judges were Wolsey and Campeggio. Catherine refused to acknowledge the validity of the court and appealed to Rome. Wolsey was dismissed shortly afterwards | | Chancellor | Thomas More, Henry’s close friend was appointed Chancellor to replace Wolsey, executed on 6th July 1535 | 1532 | Supplication Against the Ordinaries | Petition to the King to take action against clerics who abused their legal powers, Henry demanded that all future change to canon law would require the consent of the monarch, which removed the independence of the Church and the authority of the Papacy | | Submission of the Clergy | Attack on the Church rendered it virtually powerless as put it under royal control | |


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