L'Oreal Hr Case Study

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Human Resource Management
The Recruiting Game at L’Oreal- Case Study

L'Oreal Group, known by insiders as the "business school in practice", is famed for its leading expertise in marketing and brand management. Group L’Oreal has designed a number of different games for the purpose of recruiting good marketing students. Recruitment is one of the most important strategic priorities for L’Oréal and it maintain strong ties with more than 200 leading universities around the world, where it continue to offer students the opportunity to participate in business games and case studies. These not only showcase L’Oréal group but also help us to identify young creative talent, particularly in emerging and growing markets. L’Oréal
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The major advantage of these competitions, apart from the fact that it teaches students more about the Group and its industrial activities, is that it makes it easier for them to access jobs with L’Oréal

Question 2:
Critique the use of these games as a recruiting strategy. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Are there any ethical problems with this approach? Any E.E.O. issues? Besides the opportunity to get a job with the company, why do you think the games have worldwide appeal?
The sheer number of students, i.e. 50000, who play these games every year, shows the popularity and attractiveness of the idea as a recruiting strategy. The challenge involved in such games entices students to apply themselves beyond what happens in a classroom. It gives them a pseudo realistic business feel. As mentioned earlier, its approach ensures that students recruited through these games have proven to a certain extent, their ability to take quick decisions on the go. Although the profiles associated with these games may not necessarily be the one’s given to the students, Group L’Oreal has ensured that they are aligned with the values and objectives of the company, thus ensuring that the thought process of the students is in synergy with the company.
In addition to several advantages mentioned above, since competitive games


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