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Is a person born wanting to be a different sex, or does it just happen? Does someone wake up one day and say, “I think I want to change my sex”? Some people believe that it just happens, that one day a person just does not want to be the sex that they were born. Others say that a person is born with those feelings and that they just develop over time. Some say that they don’t act on those feelings during adolescence because of the stigma attached to being transgender, and the fact that kids are cruel. The fact that they don’t act on the feelings until later in their lives is the reason why some say that wanting to be a different sex just happens. Personally, I believe that a person is born knowing that they were born the wrong sex and that …show more content…

It is a shame that in our society if you don’t conform to certain “acceptable standards”, you are ostracized and criticized. People naturally stare at “different people”, whether they have a disability or if they dress “non-conformingly”. Just because you aren’t saying anything doesn’t mean that they don’t know they are being judged. A man walking around in heels and a skirt is going to get stared at. People might not say anything, since they don’t want to be “rude”. But staring is just as rude. It’s silent judging and that is worse that people saying things to them. You never know what they are saying when they are silently judging you. They are making the man self-conscious about who he really is. They are making him feel like an outcast, just because he feels differently than they do. That is sad and unacceptable, but no one in society will stand up for these people and say “Hey, that’s not right. They are still human beings and should be treated with kindness and respect.” Some people feel that wanting to be a different sex is a mental disorder. People feel the same way about being homosexual. They feel like it is an illness that can be cured. However, it is not a mental illness. Schizophrenia is mental illness. Feeling like you are the wrong sex is not a mental illness. Schizophrenia can be cured with medication. Feeling like the wrong sex cannot be cured with medication. I had asked my mother if she thought that it was a mental disorder, and her response was


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