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Title IX
1972 Federal Policy requiring equal opportunities for boys and girls in activities, facilities, equipment, curriculum, testing and grading, requirements, and behavior and dress code
How do objectives help in physical education and sport?
Short-term statements of specific outcomes that build cumulatively to reach a goal.
Describe the behavior that an individual will exhibit when the desired outcomes are achieved.

What is the pathway of energy in the cells?
That’s animal respiration: Oxygen in -- burn fuel molecules -- make ATP -- carbon dioxide out.
Use of ATP as energy to perform muscular activity. Two ways to produce ATP:
Anaerobic system
Without oxygen
High energy expenditure, short time (6-60 seconds)
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Additional benefits can be derived from increasing the amount and/or intensity of physial activity.

What is the average body fat percentage for men and women?

Movement is divided into…
Linear Motion
Movement in a straight line and from one point to another.
Rotary motion
Movement of a body around a center of rotation called an axis.

Movement is affected by what factors?
Natural force that pulls all objects toward the center of the earth
Center of gravity
Force that occurs when surfaces come in contact and results from the sliding of one surface on the other

What does a biomechanist study?
Studies movement patterns and how they change across the lifespan and varying disabilities.

What was President Bush’s contribution to education
No Child Left Behind
What are the modifiable causes of death?
Tobacco use, poor diet, physical inactivity
What are the leading causes of death?
Heart disease and Cancer
Kinesiology is the sub-discipline of… biomechanics What are sport related components?

1. Agility
2. Balance
3. Coordination
4. Power
5. Reaction Time
6. Speed
What are fitness related components?
1.Cardiovascular fitness
2.Muscular strength
3.Muscular endurance
5.Body composition edit.
Learning is focused on what elements?

What are the different kind of stretching techniques?
Ballistic Stretching- The dynamic method