Summary/Response to The Higher Education Bubble

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Summary/Response In Glenn Harlan Reynolds broadside response, The Higher Education Bubble, he writes that the costs of college is rising year after year. Many families are putting themselves into unnecessary debt in order to send their students to college. This pattern has repeated many times throughout the years and Reynolds refers to this as a higher education bubble. Students feel that because everyone else is going into debt it must be okay. In many cases, colleges are not helping the matter. They see that there are those desiring a higher education and are willing to do anything to attain what they (the college) has to offer. By and large they are not improving what they offer. They are not as concerned about the education as they …show more content…

The costs are substantially lower, under $6,000 per year as opposed to $15-$25,000 at some schools, and the education itself is impressive. The professors I have had come from a well-educated background and also seem to care about the students just be the amount of time they are willing to give when a student is struggling. There are other benefits to the community college as well. The school is very close to my home so there are no additional costs for room and board since I can continue to live at home. Also, gas expenses are also very minimal, as the school is so close. Before reading Reynold’s “Broadside”, I must admit that the title and the book itself did not impress me. The cover was plain with no pictures and the title just didn’t grab my attention. However, upon reading, I discovered that I agree with most all of the author’s facts and opinions. I was rather shocked at how much the costs have increased. According to Reynolds, tuition has increased at an annual growth rate of 7.45 percent per year. It has vastly surpassed the consumer price index and health care prices. Most students who are attending college are going into debt.
This is a book that brings you the issue, the facts and has ideas on how we can improve upon furthering our education. I believe this is a book for anyone who is planning to attend college and they should read so they can


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