Fbi Case Study

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FBI Case Study Assignment #1

Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Project Overview 3 The key issues related to the failure of the project: 4 Resolution 4 Relevance to IT Project Management: 5 Key Takeaways: 7 Research Approach 7 References 8

Executive Summary:

The “Who Killed the Virtual Case File?” case study is a clear example of project failure which resulted on not only balloon the cost of the project, but also loss that could be counted on millions of dollars. Because of the size of the project and the failure of the project, it is broadly used to prevent future IT Project Management disasters.
Project Overview:

When special agent Larry Depew collected evidence of illegal activity of the Russian and
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In VSF project most of the required activities in time management FBI management and SAIC failed to follow. * Violation of Project Risk Management Procedure
Project Risk Management includes the processes of conducting risk management planning, identification, analysis, response planning, and monitoring and control on the project. It includes following processes: defining how to conduct risk management activities (planning), determining which risks may affect the project and documenting their characteristics (identify risks), prioritizing risks for further analysis and combining their probability of occurrence and impact (perform qualitative risk analysis). Numerically analyzing the effect of identified risks on overall project objectives (perform quantitative risk


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