Jd Sports and Oxfam Analysis

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Outline the rationale of the strategic aims and objectives of two contrasting organisation?
1. Introduction 3

2. Background of JD sports 3

3. Aims/Objectives for JD Sports 3/4

4. Strategies for JD Sports 4/5

5. Background for Oxfam 5

6. Aims/Objectives for Oxfam 6

7. Strategies for Oxfam 6/7

Explain the points of view from different stakeholders seeking to influence the strategic aims and objectives of your two contrasting organisation?

8. Oxfam
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JD Sports also use other techniques to keep ahead of the competition by organising special dates where they offer one their best product to their customers for half price. This organisation also provide their service all around the country in contrasted location by establishing branches so it is suitable for the customers to shop at the nearest JD store.

Introducing new products:
Introducing new products is a type of strategies often used by famous organisations as well as JD Sports. To reach this strategy JD Sports launch new high quality products which will attract more customers who have an interest in the business. JD Sports provide designer products which cannot be found in any other clothing retail stores. For example, the manufacturers of JD’s products produced an excellent Nike Air Force 1 trainer which cannot be found in any other stores even in Footlocker. This trainer was one of the most selling products for JD Sports for the past few months. JD Sports also promote their products by advertising it on posters, catalogues, and internet as well as in store display etc.

Sales maximisation:
Sales maximisation is a vital strategy for any organisation since it keeps the entire records of the sales volume and the sales value of the business. Sale maximisation is an important strategy for JD Sports as it keeps the record of all the products that has been sold along side the money that they received from their sales (sales revenue). The