Song of Solomon; Desire to Fly

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Since the beginning of time human beings have had a fascination with human flight. As one watches a bird soar through the air they cannot help but desire that same capability. Imagine the point of view of the world from the bird that flies amoung the mountains, high above the trees, over the ocean and far away from the clamor of everyday life on the ground. To have the freedom and power to release ones self from the tribulations experienced with two feet on the ground, and spring up and away into the peaceful, blue sky, is a common human desire. Since ancient times, flight has represented the opportunity to free ones self from the chains of oppression. This theme of flight is exemplified in the novel Song of Solomon, by Toni Morrison. In …show more content…

In the beginning of the novel Milkman was kept in the dark about much of his past, therefore making him feel lost. When the secrets of his past do come to light it gives him a chance to reevaluate himself in a way he was unable to do so before. Once Milkman arrives in the old town of his father's past, Shalimar, he rests, and he dreams "about flying, about sailing high over the earth. But not with arms stretched out like airplane wings, not shot forward like Superman in a horizontal dive, but floating, cruising, in the relaxed position of a man lying on a couch reading a newspaper" (Morrison 298). During his journey to explore his past, Milkman maintains that "sense of lightness and power that flying had given him" (Morrison 298). Milkman makes a discovery about his families past when he learns that his great-grandfather, Shalimar, was infamous for his flight from the town of his name. He simply lifted himself into the air one day, leaving behind his wife and children, and flew. Shalimar's flight gives Milkman newfound confidence in his abilities to fly, and gain his transcendence. Since his great-grandfather was able to fly he sees in his family the ability to fly, and so in this way his rediscovery of his past helps to facilitate his own flight. By uncovering his past and being comfortable with the legend of


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