Janmar Coatings Inc

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Marketing Management: Case Analysis: Janmar Coatings, Inc.
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Uma M. Venkatesan
Tuesday 17th 2015

Case Summary

This case is about an organization doing business on paint coatings market served by company in the southwestern United States. The organization has some challenges on how to deploy marketing efforts among the various
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However, pursuing these markets would make sense for the company because it aligns with their business strategies. By launching a new line within a growing and profitable market, the company would achieve increasing their presence in high-margin channels as well as leveraging the company by providing a new product. Also launching a new product with the energy beverage market would be a good idea for Dr Pepper Snapple because their strengths are strategically aligned with what makes a competitor successful within this market. Further, the biggest challenges within the energy beverage market seem to be distribution, advertising, and the target market. Any of these challenges, if approached correctly can be a competitor’s advantage within the industry. Potential Outcomes The VP of Advertising has proposed to increase corporate advertising with a large emphasis on television. The VP of Sales proposed hiring a new field representative to help generate new accounts. The VP of Operations has proposed a 20% price cut on all Janmar product sales. The VP of Finance proposed that nothing be done; that the company continue with their current efforts and keep a 35% contribution margin. After looking at the company’s overall goals and finances, I would agree with the VP of Sales. Based on his suggestion, I believe it would be a smart time


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