JHT2 task1

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Strategic MGMT Task 1
B/B1- My original strategy was to focus on the niche market, only have 50 different pairs of shoes, higher quality and higher price. But I saw that the market was a lot different at first then that and that I was in 8th place. I decided to change after the first round to be more of a lowest price, match the features and performances of everyone else, but also have the biggest availability of everyone. This worked out for me up until the 17th round, I thought that I had 10 rounds not 8 to make choices on, that is when I made a horrible choice and bought a lot of production with a 1 yr loan and so the final year all that loan was due and my overall score fell down 43 points taking me out of 3rd place back to
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He couldn’t make enough in sales to warrant the expenses he was doing.
The F Company, maintained a decent EPS, rose in year 15 like the majority of everyone else and then slightly feel back around what they were around Y13 by the end of the simulation. The only ones that didn’t do this was Team E, G and I were at or above what they were at the end when they hit the peak of the competition in year 15. This is also the same with the return on Equity, year 15 was a peak for the industry, most everyone declined after that, with the exception of team E and team G was slightly lower on the return on equity at the end of the simulation. Looking at the stock price, the industry hit their peak in year 15 once again, but more team seemed to go a little higher in Year 16 when they declined. Once again team G kept a steady increase with a slight slump in Year 17 but recovered the following year to have his best price to date. Most teams on their credit rating steadily increased and maintained the industry standard of an A, with a couple exceptions, Team D, Team B took a little longer to get an A rating, and myself who did a few stupid decisions in Year 17 which hurt a lot, and so I dipped down after that. The Image rating was a more difficult one to get higher than an 80 on, as only 3 teams did, Team C (myself) Team E and Team G. Most teams didn’t