Swot Analysis of the Sunshine Clinic

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Swot analysis of a clinic The Overall Experience HLTH400

Unit 5 IP


In this paper, you will read about the Sunshine Clinics Swot analysis to assess our clinic

and environment. Swot will show our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The

internal factors are our strength and weaknesses and our opportunities and threats are external

factors. This is all part of out strategic plan. The reader will see how the Sunshine Clinic oper-

ates, their strengths and weaknesses along with the outcomes, problems, vision and mission

statements and our service strategy. In the closing there will be a summary of the over all plan.


The Sunshine Clinic contains two
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the management problem we could rotate the present managers we have, that means they will be in

a different office every week. All staffmembers,(volunteers and paid) will take a course at the

college to learn the new office technology and will continue to do so once a month. There will be

a meeting every two weeks to clear up any problems with procedures, policies or requirements

because of bureaucracy.

The Continues Improvement Plan for Sunshine Clinic:

To measure our outcomes we will hire someone to oversee the problems that we face and

make sure that everyone involved is notified with what is going on, not just in or with the

clinic but also around the community. They will also report to the administrators, to report and

identify the service problems and suggestions to eliminate any performance gaps, whether we

need to re-educate or get rid of the person causing the problem.

The Action Plan:

The action plan that we have devised will up hold are Mission and Vision statements. The

clinic was developed to help the poor people in the community and this plan will allow us to

provide high-quality services through larger personnel satisfaction and job performance. No


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