Investment (Stock-Trak)

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Stock-Trak Evaluation

When our investments class first started I knew very little about stocks, mutual funds and options but with every class that I took I started to understand exactly what each meant. This became very important in my research of companies to choose for stocks, mutual funds and options. I took a few things into consideration: the economy, the time of season, and the products the company is best known for; also from the companies chosen I look at their three month six month and one year overlook. This gave me a few companies to research to decide which would be best.
The first bulk of stock that was purchased was with Akamai Technologies, which mainly specialize in speeding up a company’s websites by using their
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The company reported a $0.04 loss in the third quarter of 2009 but has seen positive trends thereafter. When I purchased the stock for the company it had only seen $0.01 gain for the trading period but since then the company has had great success these few months; and have greatly impacted my portfolio.
I also decided to take my money and invest in biotechnology and I found AVI Biopharmaceutical INC. This company specializes in the discovery and development of therapeutic products based on antisense and cancer immunotherapy technology. Their studies help to improve human deterioration of muscles functions. This company was just what I needed to expand in my search for new stock and up and coming technology. I purchased the stock at $1.84 at which I was very surprised because the company was doing so well in the market at the time. I did manage to sell 50 shares of the company’s stock but I still have shares within this company. I also did some research on Mutual funds in which I followed some of the bigger names and viewed their trend in the market which lead me to Fidelity, FMI, TCW and Yacktman. In my research I found that these four companies were doing very well and consistently showing positive trend with only a few minor negative trends. This led me to believe that these companies would be a secure investment and would hold its value for the