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“Observation at Local Fast Food Restaurant During Lunch”

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Introduction to Sociology

“Observation at Local Fast Food Restaurant at Lunch”
Have you ever tried listening to everything going on at the same time at a fast food restaurant during the lunch time rush hour? Well, I did and I am going to share the results of my whirlwind encounter last week. Within my observation, I will go over the layout of the establishment in which my observation was conducted, as well as who came to the establishment, the conversations and the interactions that took place. I hope you enjoy my observation and respect my findings from this visit.
The place I chose for my observation is approximately
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There is also a younger woman, approximately twenty years old and of Hispanic descent, spraying down tables with Windex and wiping them dry. She then moves to the fountain drink counter, makes eye contact with me, and then disappears out of sight. I can now hear a local rock radio station’s music over the nonexistent lunchtime crowd. I turned my attention to the people sitting behind me again. After I adjusted my seat to observe them better, I found that they were a grandmother, adult daughter and grandson. The mother laughed and said to her mother, “He’s a slow eater,” referring to the child, and said “I now feel your pain!” Both women have strong New York, or seemingly Long Island accents. They get up, take their trays to the garbage, empty them and leave.
At this point, I was the only person sitting on the side of the restaurant I chose to sit in, and it looked like the late lunch crowd has left. So, I went outside to my car in the parking lot to make sure it was locked and on the way back in, an older woman, approximately fifty years old, holds the door open for me, and I said “Thank you, Ma’am”. She replies, “Anything for a serviceman,” because I was in my military uniform. I went back in hoping for more customers and anything to observe, and readjust my seat in the restaurant so that I can watch the kitchen and drive thru workers


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