Informative Speech on Diabetes

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Informative Speech
Specific Purpose: To give information about diabetes and the types.
There is something in the world that people are crazy for. It’s something that they just couldn’t live without and they always want more of it. That is the sweet taste of sugar. Although that sweet taste that everyone loves can’t be devoured by every person. The people that I am talking about is the people that are diabetics. Some diabetics can’t have any sugar or if they can have some it is very little. Imagine what you would do having to watching every little thing that you eat. That’s what diabetics have to do to survive. I am going to tell you about the different types of diabetes, how diabetics take cares of themselves,
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The islet cell is the cell that produces insulin for the body. Also researchers are working on perfecting the artificial pancreas which will also be transplanted into the body. Genetic manipulation is also another thing that scientist are looking into. This is where they take fat or muscle cells that normally don’t make insulin are transplanted with the islet cell. B. Each possible cure isn’t perfected quite yet because researchers still have multiple challenges to overcome. Like preventing immune rejection, finding adequate number of insulin cells, keeping those cells alive and many others.
The research for diabetes has been booming the past few years and the researchers are finding out more and more about it. It won’t be long before diabetics are a thing of the past and they will be able to have normal lives without injections and having to watch their diet. And they won’t be limited to what they can and can’t do with their lives. For them when that day comes it will be a dream come true. As for now they just need to keep themselves in check with injections and maintaining everything so they can live the lives they have and they can be a long life.

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