Case Study Pixar Studios

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Executive Summary

The report analyses the factors behind Pixar Animation’s success from an organizational behaviour point of view. It is divided into two parts, the first part answers how motivational theories are applied in Pixar’s way of managing and how are they connected to its success. The application of these theories has been critically analysed in order to determine which theory best applies to the Pixar model and how does it lead to effective management of the workforce.
The second part answers the question about how empowerment plays a role in Pixar Animation’s success and how the creativity practices have led to employee empowerment in Pixar. It focuses on the empowerment practices that directly as well as indirectly empower
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Despite the absence of such competition, Pixar is being managed effectively hence we can say that four-drive theory does apply here but has its limitations.
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

If a situation contains a specific goal which provides satisfaction independent of the actual activity, behaviour is said to be extrinsically motivated and if the task is valued for its own sake and appears to be self-sustained, the behaviour is said to be intrinsically motivated. According to Hackman and Oldham(1980) jobs which use multiple talents are considered more meaningful and therefore more intrinsically motivated as compared to the jobs requiring only one or two types of skills. In order to achieve the maximum output from employees an employer has to both intrinsically and extrinsically motivate the employees. In order to achieve intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, one must understand that they do not combine additively but rather interact with each other as found by Calder and Stow (1973). It was observed an employee might be less keen in doing an already intrinsically motivating job if it offers extrinsic rewards as well as he might consider that he has to do that task for the extrinsic reward and not its intrinsic value, hence it is a challenge for employers to achieve the correct


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