IS3220 Assignment 3

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As part of the network security team, we will be proving IDI with a network security plan to mitigate the vulnerabilities that have been discovered. A secure site will be set up with network intrusion detection and network protection systems will be available to access via the internal network. Policies will be presented for remote access and the use of VPN. Also contained within this report will be strategies for hardening the network and mitigating risks. An updated network layout with increased network security to meet the current needs will be included. In the interest of business continuity, remote access will be utilized. User wishing access to internal network assets will only be able to access said assets with the use of a …show more content…

This firewall hardware will allow for larger amounts of inbound and outbound traffic. The demilitarized zone will make use of both an IDS and IPS to handle any intrusions within this part of the network.
Current IDI Network Weaknesses/vulnerabilities
Logisuite 4.2.2 has been installed 10 years ago, has not been upgraded, however over 350 modifications have been made, and license is expired
RouteSim- The destination delivery program is used to simulate routes, costs and profits , it is not integrated into Logisuite or oracle financials to take advantage of the databases for real-time currency valuation and profit loss projections
IDI needs to standardize office automation hardware and software currently there are about 600 workstations , 200 HP, 150 Toshibas, 175 IBM, 50 dell, rest are apple PowerBooks without CAD software available
Software ranges from various antique word processing packages of which are incompatible for integration with each other, causing transfer of files to become corrupt when opened by incompatible software
Polices exist that prohibit the introduction of personal devices, many executives have had administrators install clients on their unsupported non-standard personal laptops, pcs, ws that interface with internet with little or no personal protection
WAN was designed by MCI in early 2000’s which has not been upgraded since data rate increases have occurred in Asia and Brazil