How Do You Choose a Good Research Topic? Give Five Examples of a Good Research Topic and Justify Why You Choose Them, I E. Problem Issues in Each Topic and Why They Must Be Researched Upon.

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Many at times choosing an appropriate topic seem like a herculean task as a lot of problem areas may come to mind at the time of choosing the topic. What is more frustrating is being able to settle on a brilliant topic. Choosing the research topic is one of the most critical steps in conducting a successful by all standards. The truth is, the search for a good research topic is a daunting task, especially when researchers are often expected to know how to identify or figure out a good research question by themselves. It also is important for us to keep in mind that an initial topic that we come up with may not be the exact topic which we end up writing about. Research topics are often fluid and dictated more by the student's ongoing …show more content…
Where it has been established that the problem area has already been researched into, the researcher must investigate whether the most important aspects of the problem area(s) still require some answers or the answers gathered by the predecessor researcher does not address the problem in its entirety. In this case, the same topic could be chosen otherwise the topic should be dropped.
One of the most common difficulties in selecting a research topic is focusing on appropriate questions. Initially it might appear that the most exciting, interesting and relevant questions require a 10 year research programme, a team of research assistants and a multi-million research budget! But that isn't actually the case. The question here is, “how can you make sure that the research project is feasible, manageable and 'do-able' within the normal constraints that he/ she will find themselves in?” There are several practical considerations that almost always need to be considered when deciding on the feasibility of a research project. First, the researcher has to think about how long the research will take to accomplish. In addition, the researcher has to question whether there are important ethical constraints that need consideration. Also, one needs to establish whether they can achieve the needed cooperation to take the research project to its


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