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Viral hepatitis are distinct diseases that affects and injures the liver due to the inflammatory cells in the tissue of the organ. They are caused by the contamination of food or water, the practice of unsafe sex, and by the usage of dirty syringes or needles. There are six known types of hepatitis, but the three which are most common include
A-B-and C, as they cause about ninety percent of acute (lasts less than six months) hepatitis cases in Canada. Many people infected by this disease mistake it for the flu for its flu-like symptoms, or don’t notice it at all because it’s also possible to experience hepatitis with no symptoms at all. It is a lethal disease, as hepatitis B kills 500, 000 people alone each year. Many people have a
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Although there is no vaccine for hepatitis C, the best way to protect yourself would be by not sharing needles, wearing protective gloves and clothing when handling contaminated objects, and making sure instruments are sterilized before getting a tattoo, a piercing, or acupuncture. The majority of people will discover that they have hepatitis C by accident, usually during a routine health check-up, as doctors will realize the high levels on enzymes in their blood. If the doctor has a suspicion that the patient may have or have occurred hepatitis C, a blood test will be administered. Antibodies will show up if hep. C has been present before, and a second test will inform the patient that they currently have the virus. If found, a liver biopsy will be administered to detect if any scarring has occurred from the hepatitis. It is also possible to detect if you have hepatitis C by yourself, where you may go to a drug store and buy a “Home Access Hepatitis C Check Kit” which will assess if you have the virus or not. Treatment depends on how severe the hepatitis C is (webmd.com). Generally, unlike hepatitis A and B, ethics has come into question hep. C. With anti-viral treatments now available, members from disadvantaged groups (mainly people with psychiatric disorders and prisoners) prevent these patients from receiving treatment. This is mainly


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