Hcs 235 Health Care Utilization Option 1

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Health Care Utilization Option 1

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Health Care Delivery in the United States
HCS 235

January 13, 2013

Health Care Utilization Option 1
Health care reform in the United States is a hot topic and the source of legislation meant to make health care obtainable to Americans. Recent presidential elections have been platforms used to promote health care reform yet no one can agree on what the resolution will be. This paper will discuss ways recent health care reform measures have expanded or inhibited access to health care. This paper will discuss how changes to access may lead to influences in utilization. Concepts of what universal health care may be and how current care reflects or contrasts
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Universal Health Care Concepts
Introduced by President Theodore Roosevelt, the concept of universal health care has been around for years. Introduced in different formulas and formats the concept of a universal health care system in the United States is rejected by both political parties. According to the World Health Organization, 28 of the world's 29 industrialized nations have instituted some form of universal health care coverage for all of their citizens. The lone exception is the United States (Scott, 1999, p. 32). Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are health care concepts that have been passed into law with the ideas to help older Americans and disabled Americans. These three concepts are in need of major overhauls but the political leaders in The United States cannot agree on an acceptable compromise. Even though these programs are essential players in the health care reform is desperately needed for a growing population of Americans the system is failing.
President Bill Clinton introduced the National Health Security Act (HSA) aimed at reducing the rising costs and price gouging by specialists and pharmaceutical companies. This bill was not passed into law. The concept to control costs and give Americans the access to comprehensive insurance benefits is not the main topic of debate. The main topic of debate is how to deliver the best