Habeas Corpus

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Habeas Corpus and Why It Can Be Suspended From Detainees
Ira Brim
American Intercontinental University

In this essay the subject of Habeas Corpus and what events that take place to have Habeas Corpus to he suspended by executive orders from the President’s of the United States. The circumstances, that transpired that empower certain presidents to have such authority gave down by Congress, to implement the extreme acts to protect our Nation. The two most important issues for our country are to keep National Security and Public Safety. But in the time war or an act of aggression on United State soil, Presidents have to use his commander and chief obligations without a lot diplomatic procedures. The objective of this essay
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Territory, the threat of National Security was everywhere (1999). President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued orders authorizing the establishment of “military areas” from which dangerous persons could be expelled or excluded. This order was issued to designate the West Coast, a military area and to remove and imprison one hundred-twenty-thousand Japanese Americans in “relocation location centers” for the duration. With the seriousness, then of national Security, of danger the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the order of relocation, during the war. In more modern times, on September 11, 2001, terrorists’ attacked the United States at New York City (World Trade Center) and Washington D.C. (Pentagon). Upon those attacks, congress authorized President George W. Bush authority to use force to fight a war on terrorism. President Bush issued orders, in October and November 2001, to mobilize National Guard and Army Reserve Units and ordered the detention Enemy Combat Personnel. President Bush held military trials for suspected terrorists. Many of these prisoners would be detained for an indefinite time. Even after President Bush presidency was over, most of his anti-terror policies are still being enforced, “because, well, they seem to have prevented further attacks.” In closing, Habeas Corpus Act of 1679 is essential to the due process of a trial, at a certain date, certain place, and certain time, for a court to examine the charges or release of custody


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