Gung Ho Paper

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Gung Ho" and the Integrated Cultural Framework
The purpose of this exercise is to apply the dimensions of the Integrated Cultural Framework to the movie "Gung Ho". Each company is discussed separately using examples from the movie and then summary values provided.

United States

ICF Dimension Low Moderate High
Ability to Influence High
Comfort with Ambiguity High
Assertiveness Doing/Masculine
Individual/Collectivism Individual
Time Orientation Present
Space Orientation Public

Ability to Influence Outcomes There were many instances in the movie where the Americans illustrated a low power distance and a strong belief in their ability to influence outcomes. First the town sent one person to a foreign country
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They even said "there is only one way to run this factory". They also showed a negative impression of human behavior as they did not believe that the US workers would work hard enough to meet the new production target.
Assertiveness The Japanese did not show the aggression that the Americans did and the focus at the ball game was on accuracy rather than winning. There were no clear observations at either end of the scale.
Individualism/Collectivism With their uniforms, morning exercises, dedication to the factory and clear submission to hierarchy, the Japanese were very collectivist in their behaviors. They do not want work to suffer for an individual's needs and they hold loyalty to the company and not remuneration, above everything. At a previous engagement a leader had to apologize for letting production fall below a certain lever and letting down the workers and their pride.
Time Orientation The best example of the Japanese orientation in the past was the tradition of employing family, in this instance the nephew, and the uncle defending his behavior. The ribbons of shame tradition would be another example.
Space Orientation The Japanese demonstrate a very private orientation. In their initial meeting, there are no greetings from them and they give nothing away. They are very ‘distant'. At the very end there is a change when the senior manager smiles and says "I like you – you make me laugh" and


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