Hanes Case Study

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Hanes case study: IMC
Q1. What IMC objectives are important to Kelsey?
Integrated Marketing Communications is defined as “a management concept that is designed to make all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing work together as a unified force, rather than permitting each to work in isolation” (Lake 2011). This is critical for Hanes, given that Hanes occupies the frequently dangerous mid-market area of the undergarment market. It is not a high-end retailer that sells clothing primarily upon its image, such as Calvin Klein but there are also cheaper no-brand alternatives competing for consumer attention in drug stores and discount stores. An integrated image for
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Online evaluations of advertisements are more cost-effective even than paper surveys (and consumers can be sent links to the filmed advertisements and/or print images, ensuring that they evaluate the ads immediately after seeing them) (Chapter 15, 2012, 15-9). Consumers can be surveyed in terms of brand perception, whether they would buy the brand, and also their ability to recall what specific products and brand they saw when watching the advertisements. Consumers can be surveyed regarding their brand recall based upon their demographics, specific aspects of the advertisement (such as their feelings about the theme music and tagline), and through follow-up emails how much they recall about the advertisement a day later and a week later, versus immediately (Chapter 15, 2012, 15-12-14).
Q5. Which consumer promotions should Hanes use? How should they be evaluated?
One recent campaign for Hanes involved a team of scantily-dressed women encouraging men to ‘change their underwear.’ The women stopped at various sporting events and male-oriented rock concerts and encouraged men to experience the product firsthand through free samples the men could change into during the event (Hanes asks guys to change their underwear, 2007, Promo). This type of provocative stunt was designed to improve the brand’s positive associations among young men and encourage men not to merely see Hanes as just another brand of underwear. A similar campaign that


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