Assess the strengths of the UK constitution (25 marks)

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There are various strengths of the UK constitution; these include the fact that the constitution is flexible, it protects the rights of citizens and finally it gives power to the executive. The UK and its constitution, in my opinion, is a very strong unit, this being shown through the points listed above and consequently explained below.

One strength of the UK constitution is the flexibility that it has, for the reason that the constitution is uncodified or unwritten and is therefore not entrenched in law. Due to the fact that the UK’s constitution is uncodified or unwritten, it has an opportunity to modernise itself to the ever changing society or any other new circumstances that may arise. An example of the flexibility of the UK’s
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An example of this again is the Same Sex Marriages Act (2013). The combination of all the different politicians in the Executive and the knowledge that they have works in the favour of the laws that are being implemented, as the Executive understands the best way to deal with each individual case. Linking back to same sex marriage law being implemented, the law allows same sex couples to get married, preserves the law from the previous marriage act of the Church of England stating only opposite sex couples could be married on these premises, and also gives certain religious individuals and organisations the ‘opt in’ clause rather than opt out. On the other hand, the government, in recent years has been accused of becoming too powerful, due to the power and responsibility that they have regarding implementation of laws in the UK. Similar to the flexibility point that I mentioned earlier, the Executive have the opportunity to manipulate the system, what I mean by this is, they can take these laws and/or policies and alter the way that they will be implemented, and therefore changing the law, to a certain degree, in order to suit them. However, accepting that this may be a logical argument, it is highly doubtful that the Executive would have the ability to constantly do


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