General Norman Schwarzkopf Research Paper

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General Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf: A Great 20th Century Military Leader

Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. was born August 22, 1934 in Trenton, New Jersey to Ruth Alice and Herman Norman Schwarzkopf. Herbert Norman was the youngest of three siblings. He had two sisters. They were Ruth Ann who were four years older and Sally who were two and a half years older than him. Perhaps because of the closeness in their ages, Sally and Herman enjoyed playing together outdoors while Ruth Ann prefered to be in doors reading or playing the piano (“It Doesn't Take A Hero” Petre, Peter.).

Herbert Norman’s dad Herman Norman, served in WWI as an officer. He fought in the battle of Marne and was gassed with mustard gas, making him vulnerable to the
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So in 1990, when Iraq invaded Kuwait, there was nobody more capable to lead the United States liberation of Kuwait in 1991 than Norman Schwarzkopf (“Norman Schwarzkopf“ Bio.TrueStory).
Iraq refused to obey to meet the UN deadline to withdraw its troops from Kuwait. At 3 am on January 17, 1991, the United States launched an air campaign to disable Iraq’s air force, which was one of the largest air-forces in the world at the time.Schwarzkopf used US military aircraft and patriot missiles in a 5 week bombing campaign to cripple vital Iraqi sources such as their air force, their radar stations, and their communication services (“Operation Desert Storm” Tristam, Pierre). On February 4, 1991 at 0400 hours United States forces under Norman’s command along with coalition forces moved in a massive wave across Kuwait capturing, destroying, and pushing Iraqi forces and equipment and pushing them back into Iraq in a mere 38 days with minimal casualties on the coalition side. Norman was the commander and chief of the war with his great leadership abilities and his morals; that you should only use the resources needed and do only the damage needed to win the war. The war ended February 28, 1991 when a ceasefire was declared (“Operation Desert Storm” Tristam, Pierre). Desert Storm and the liberation of Kuwait would be Norman Schwarzkopf’s peak in his career and also the end of it. He retired from the