Ge Imagination Breakthrough

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GE Imagination Breakthrough

Q : 1 What is your evaluation of Immelt’s new organic growth strategy? Why change GE’s existing successful strategy? Is it reasonable to expect that a $125 billion global giant can significantly and consistently outperform the underlying economic growth rate?

What is your evaluation of Immelt’s new organic growth strategy?
Answer: Immet’s new organic growth strategy is made up of following elements: * Technical Leadership – Immelt identified technology as a key driver of GE’s future growth and emphasized the need to speed up the diffusion of new technologies within GE and turn the corporate R&D into an intellectual house. * Internationalization – GE’s major opportunities for organic growth would be
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This will help him in * Identifying new business opportunities through IB’s * Quickly adopting to the changing environments * Identifying high growth areas and diversifying * Global expansion of business * Organic growth for patent technology * Cost effective organic growth instead of inorganic growth. * Developing customer centric approach * Becoming business growers rather than being business leaders
2b: Yes, he changed company by initiating following steps * Growth leader concept * Increasing human resources * Experience Commercial Leadership Program * Increased the under resourced marketing staff. * Building inter-capability. * Restructuring the organization staff for efficiency * Making company focused towards market / customers. * Technological innovations (IBs)
Diversifying into new areas such as oil and gas technology, securities and sensors, water technology, Hispanic broadcasting and consumer finance.

Q : 3 How have the Locomotive IB’s been able to survive in the wake of the failure of the AC 6000, the initial difficulty in obtaining orders for EVO, the continual redefinition of the global EVO product and the failure to make hybrid commercially viable ?
3a: Advantages of Locomotive * Building engine as per strict EPA requirements to be in effect from 1st Jan. 2005 * EVO was also


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