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Do we have free will or our live determined?

too many people
It’s obvious that we are free. many people are convinced their actions are their own good or bad and even if we feel pressured into a decision we still feel we could have chosen a different path. we can choose coffee over tea ,accept a marriage proposal take a job across country ,how important is this feeling of freedom

do we have alternatives libertarianism asserts we are free to act in other ways than we do work borges the
Argentine on fabulist com and rider arms the future is a garden of forking paths we have alternative possibilities that we sometimes with happiness very hard
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ly based on those whose judge but what if these desires in the 20th century the psychological theories have Sigmund Freud and others were adapted by some thinkers to contest the idea of freedom up the well unconscious psychological desires compulsions and the right motivation offered as the real causes a behavior which people think they choose freely of course there were disagreements with these theories as well it seems to me to be cops trenching because what's significant about phobias and other related phenomena like perot seems is not pair deterministic attacking power involve a certain kind of irrationality your afar
I wish I Russian army have choice him and and cheers Suhana and so that the render the agent in some way harm not as responsive to recent waiting normally would be without a home in fact they may not even be deterministic not everyone was swayed by science or by psychological motivation
John Paul sides existentialism proposed that people actively determine their nature through their choices and actions being condemned to be free man carries the way to the homeworld shoulders he's responsible for the world it for himself as a way of being structural will be silent most most the time are not making three choices for most people muscle time are under the illusion that helped a free choice and what arafat doing they're making an implicit free choice to go along with their environment to be influenced the way they think they're