Flannery O'Connor

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Flannery O’ Connor’s method of writing is extraordinary with the right amount of religion. She writes in a way in which the reader can easily comprehend. Nonetheless, let us first discuss her short story “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” in this particular piece of writing O’ Connor gives us a sense of irony and suspense throughout the reading. One can easily recall when the family was passing by the beautiful scenery of Georgia and the grandma had made a racist remark of a Negro child standing in front of a door. “Little niggers in the country don’t have things like we do. If I could paint, I’d paint that picture,” she said. It is completely ironic for the fact that, she claims herself to be a “good Christian” yet she is quite discriminatory, …show more content…

He wants to teach his mother a lesson for she is racist and lives in the past. Moreover, irony hits us as a colored woman enters the bus and shockingly, the hat that she is wearing is identical to the one that Julian’s mother is wearing as well.
It is astonishing how O’Connor depicts so much emotion in her writing; she is a faithful devout of Christianity. As well, there is a great deal of violence in her works since all of her stories end in death and tragedy. The personality of the characters in her stories provides the story itself, with life and entertainment. “In most good stories it is the character’s personality that creates the action of the story. In most of these stories, I feel that the writer has thought of some action and then scrounged up a character to perform it.” (1653) By no means, is O’Connor wicked she is simply trying to portray God in all of her works. The original sin, guilt, racism, and hypocrisy are all important aspects in her writings. As well, there exists a tremendous amount of spiritual symbolism hidden between the lines of the stories. Overall, Flannery O’Connor’s driving force is God.

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