Mystic Monk Coffee Case Analysis

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Mystic Monk Coffee
Company History
Mystic Monk Coffee is a company established by Father Daniel Mary, the Prior of the Carmelite Order of monks in Clark, Wyoming. The monks are a group of 13 living in a small home. Coffee sales are used to support the brotherhood and to eventually prepare for expansion of the order.
Coffee is produced using high quality fair trade Arabica and fair trade/organic Arabica beans. There are many popular flavors such as Mystical Chants of Carmel, Cowboy Blend, Royal Rum Pecan, and Mystic Monk Blend. The company’s traditional target market has been the segment of the U.S. Catholic population who drinks coffee and supports the monastery’s mission.
Industry Analysis
The approximate number of
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* The price of the coffee may increase after the purchase of new land.


Problem Scope
The Carmelite Monks of Wyoming would like to purchase a ranch that would greatly increase its operations. The order currently has 13 monks working to produce coffee for sale and has a production capacity of 540 pounds per day. The company is sustainable because the monks have a specific goal in mind and all are on the same page when trying to reach the goal of the purchase. I selected this problem because although the company makes great sales, sales will not be enough to purchase the land. The company does not effectively advertise itself and will need to improve advertisement to increase sales.
Problem: The mission of the company is tied to the vision of the company. Father Daniel Mary realizes that the monastery environment is a unique challenge to the business because of the limited hours of production and also the limited access to the outside world. Although the monks are highly secluded, they manage to sell their coffee although it is mainly sold to Catholic believers. Solution: Mystic Monk Coffee can begin to be offered in small shops in the United States. I would not recommend supermarkets at this time because of the limitations of production. As sales increase, revenue generated from increased sales will help with the purchase of new property and the coffee can then be