Rain Man

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Rain Man In the movie “Rain Man” Directed by, Barry Levinson, Charlie Babbitt played by Tom Cruise, is a Los Angeles car dealer in the business of importing high end luxury cars to California. His current deal of bringing in four Lamborghinis is being threatened by the EPA for emissions. If Charlie is unable to meet its requirements he will lose $80000 in deposits plus all the money spent obtaining the cars. After some quick ploy with an employee, Charlie leaves on a weekend trip to Palm Springs with his girlfriend, Susanna played by Valeria Golino. Just as Charlie begins his trip it’s quickly cancelled by the news father’s death. Charlie and Susanna travel to his hometown in Cincinnati, to settle the estate. In the …show more content…
From the first section on autism I believe he exhibits a lack of social or emotional reciprocity. This is shown on several occasions most importantly when Dr. Bruner is asking Raymond where he would like to reside, with his brother whom he had just spend a great deal of time with or at Wallbrook Mental Institution. Raymond is unable to decide on where he lives because he has no emotional ties to Charlie or the mental institution for that matter. Raymond also displays stereotyped and repetitive use of language or idiosyncratic language. There are a countless number of times that Raymond demonstrates his inability to develop in any conversation. If he does have a conversation it is almost always one or two words, and begins repeating those one or two words over and over. In the final category Raymond confirms my diagnosis of autism by showing both apparently inflexible adherence to specific, nonfunctional routines or rituals and stereotyped and repetitive motor mannerisms. This is shown mostly when Charlie and Raymond are on their road trip from Cincinnati to Los Angeles. Charlie bends over backward numerous occasions to try and meet Raymond’s strict routines, which if not met result in repetitive motor mannerisms. I feel that for Raymond who has an autistic disability has changed by leaps and bounds after his road trip with Charlie. I also believe that Charlie has changed for the better significantly due to his experiences with Raymond. By the end of the movie Charlie


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