Fiji Water

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Fiji Bottle Water
Brian Ford
Principles of Marketing
Kristin Brocklesby
April 13, 2008

Fiji Bottle Water This paper will incorporate my opinion of why customers buy Fiji Bottled Water. I will utilize the three levels of product including the core benefit, actual product and augmented product. Lastly, I will give my suggestions on which brand development strategies make the most sense for Fiji.
The Core Benefit When customers purchase Fiji water, they are buying more than just bottled water. They are enhancing their status. Fiji has become synonymous with success. The company’s marketing strategy is geared toward upscale customers, hotels and restaurants alike. Some people want to be a part of this new trend. Drinking
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The label is unique and designed with the intent of making you feel good and safe about the product. The sleeves come in silver or gold perfectly designed to fit around the square bottle. If you are in a nice restaurant and the waiter brings out the Fiji bottled water dressed in either color, customers become very curious as to the contents of the bottle. This curiosity is produced by a form of clever marketing. Most of the wait staff has been trained of the Fiji story. The bottles are square to set itself apart from other water bottling companies. Both the bottles and the sleeves make you curious and intrigued. So if a customer asks they can share its unusual story. This is more advertisement.
Augmented Product Fiji has done an excellent job providing the consumers with options including with home delivery. The bottles are not sold individually, but are sold by the dozens. Word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing. Fiji bottled water is the topic of numerous conversations especially when served in the right atmosphere and setting.
Brand Development Strategy Because of it brand name and affiliation to success; I feel that brand extension would be the best strategy for Fiji bottled water.
Fiji water seems to be as unique as it name and is considered to be the choice of bottled waters for many today. In my attempt to explain all three levels of the product marketing, I am curious to try this


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