Sci207: Week 3 - Outline

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Water Contamination and Disinfection

Tabatha Hatler

SCI 207: Dependence of Man On The Environment

Alisha Etheredge

September 8, 2013

Water Contamination and Disinfection


Water contamination is vastly becoming an alarming issue across the world. We rely on clean water to survive, yet right now we are heading towards a water crisis. Changing climate patterns are threatening lakes and rivers, and key sources that we tap for drinking water are being overdrawn or tainted with pollution ( Clean and plentiful water is the cornerstone of prosperous communities. Yet as we enter the 21st century, swelling demand and changing climate patterns are
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Table 1 is the results of Experiment 1: Effects of Ground Water Contamination and tables 2-6 are the results from Experiment 3: Drinking Water Quality.

|Table 2: Ammonia Test


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