Fashion Junkies

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Alycia Griffin
Professor Michael Bedsole
English 101
16 September 2012
Fashion Junkie
Every company wants to have fresh ideas for their ad campaigns, to draw in their audience. Sisley attempted to draw the consumer in using an advertisement that depicted two women participating in illicit behaviors. The advertisement may have been considered humorous, had it not been so vulgar. Sisley’s attempt at reeling the consumer in resulted in an effect that definitely caught the eyes of their targeted audience, but not in a way that could be considered positive. Is fashion, an addictive and destructive vice, destroying its intended and targeted audience; the consumer? In 2007, the fashion line, Sisley, whose parent company is United Colors of
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This is masked by all the extremes occurring right in front of the viewers face, taking the attention away from what the advertisement was originally intending to sell.
Although Sisley fails to sell their clothing line, what they succeed in doing is degrading women as a whole. The ad does not say much about their fashion and it says even less of how a respectful, classy woman should behave herself. There are few people that would be fine with their child seeing this ad in Seventeen or Teen Vogue. It is negative imagery that does not send out a positive message to children and teenagers of the younger generation growing up in today’s society. The ad actually inadvertently condones the use of cocaine, or rather, any illegal substance. It throws beautiful people in the face of the consumer because as humans, people are thinkers, but they are also followers. Sisley exploited that fact knowing that if they put two beautiful women in their advertisement campaign, participating in less than lady-like activities, it would entice the young people to support their product. After the 1980’s, heroin arose as the drug of choice. Waif-like models epitomized this new aura of “heroin chic;” fashion moguls conveyed the association of glamour with heroin (Durant and Thakker). The western view of beauty drives those prominent in the fashion industry to look to drugs to help control weight as well as maintain a certain figure.


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