Examining the Irish Republican Army

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Examining the Irish Republican Army Throughout history mass movements have contributed to changing the face of the world. Some most notable are that of the Bolsheviks and the Nazis. These movements and others like them have emerged as a result of the mistreatment of people, to preserve a group of people or propagate an idea or view. No matter the reason behind the start of the group, they all have one goal; the end result of every mass movement is to bring change. The mass movement that will be discussed is the Irish Republican Army, otherwise known as the IRA. The catalyst that caused its formation, a specific identification and analysis of the membership and the societal, religious, cultural, political, and national effect it had …show more content…

As a case in point, Eric Hoffer discusses these qualities in his book The True Believer. According to Hoffer, people of lower socioeconomic status and the many subassemblies associated with “the poor” are usually among those who are likely to join these groups. Next are the “misfits”, both temporary and permanent members of the group. Furthermore, he goes on to explain that there are also the “inordinately selfish”, “ambitious who face unlimited opportunities”, “minorities”, the “bored” and the “sinner”. All of which share similar traits that could also be identified as weaknesses (The True Believer). Many people have joined the IRA because they believe they are fighting for what is right. It is also true that some really feel that they deserve the liberties that they are fighting to preserve. However, it is safe to say that many of the people who have joined the IRA or any other mass movement because they are lost. No doubt, they lack acceptance and/or direction. On the other hand, some lack the opportunities needed to step into a place where it is possible for them to prosper. It is sad, but these people blame others for their lack of success and become frustrated with society and the system. This makes them prime recruits for mass movements such as the IRA.
In life we are presented with many obstacles. Be that as it may, we must choose to face those obstacles or wait and hope that someone will fight our battles for us.