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Title: Comparing fish protein

Introduction: Darwin's Theory of Evolution is the commonly thought notion that all life is linked and has descended from a common ancestor. Darwin's general theory assumes the development of life from nonlife and stresses a purely naturalistic "descent with modification". That is, complex creatures evolve from more simplistic ancestors naturally over time. “Natural selection is a process in which individuals that have certain inherited traits tend to survive and reproduce at higher rates than other individuals because of those traits” (Campbell, 2014). How Darwin came about to these findings was by exploring the Galapagos Islands. It took years of research for him to come up with conclusions. He focused on
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We transferred the plate with the gel to a staining tray containing Bio-Safe Coomassie stain. The stain caused the gel to detach from the plate. We stained the gels overnight. Our step 3 was first to pour off stain and return to bottle. Then we distained the gels in a large volume of water while changing it several times when possible. Next step was to set up the western blot. First we soaked the Gel Sandwich Frame in Western Blot buffer, Then we soaked 2 pieces of whatman 3MM Filter paper (cut to size of gel) & 1 piece of nitrocellulose paper. We organized our sandwich in the following order, red, sponge, filter paper, nitrocellulose paper, gel, filter paper, sponge and black. Then we closed the sandwich cassette. We then inserted the cassette into the transfer chamber. We placed the cassette and transfer chamber into the buffer reservoir, and filled the reservoir with transfer buffer to top of cassettes. We ran the transfer overnight at 4°C with slow stirring action. Our instructor did the beginning of this next part. First she placed the blots into was tray that was filled with blocking solution. Then she incubated blocks with blocking solution for 1 hour at room temperature on an orbital shaker. She placed the blot in a food saver bag and sealed on three sides as close as possible to the blot. Our instructor then filled the bag with 10 ml of primary antibody dilution. Then sealed the top of the bag, and labeled the blots. The