Mcts Guide to Microsoft Windows 7 Chapter 1 Solutions

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Review Questions
1. A friend of yours has asked which version of Windows 7 should be purchased to start a new multimedia-based home entertainment system. Your friend will not require business support features, but they will require support communicating with their Xbox 360. You recommend:
a.Windows 7 Ulitmate
b.Windows 7 Home Basic
c.Windows 7 Home Premium
d.Windows 7 Enterprise

2. Windows 7 supports only cooperative multitasking. True or False?

3. The Graphical Processing Unit is a hardware component capable of quickly drawing items to the screen.

4. A graphics card capable of running the Aero Theme must have drivers certified to which standard (select two)?
a. DirectX
c. WDF
d. WDM
e. Vendor

5. All device drivers are
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a. Startup Repair Tool
b. Network Awareness Service
c. Network Repair Tool
d. Windows Boot Repair Service

25. Which of the following is a disadvantage of workgroup computing?
a. requires one or more expensive servers
b. supports an unlimited number of workstations
c. No centralized security management
d. simple to set up initially

Case Projects

Case Project 1-1: Selecting Windows 7 Versions for a Small Organization

Master Motors has 18 computers. They are replaced only as necessary due to hardware failure or new software requirements. No server is in place to centrally manage resources or security and no plan exists to add one in the next three months. Master Motors has no multimedia requirements at this time. Two computers have recently failed and require replacement. Which version of Windows 7 should be purchased with the new computers?

Because this is a small to medium size business that is already considered large enough for a server based system, the home editions of Windows 7 are not good candidates. The shop is not large enough for Enterprise so either the Professional or Ultimate editions are good choices. The number of computers could save money by purchasing volume license copies of Professional Edition instead of retail copies of Ultimate.

Case Project 1-2: Selecting Computers for Secure Computing

Superduper Lightspeed Computers builds over 100 computers per week for customers. A government contract bid has been