Emr Innovations

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Case 3
EMR Innovations

Table of Contents
Executive summary 3
Introduction& problem /issues identification 4 EMR’s product and how is attempting to market 4
External Analysis 6 Opportunities 6 RV industry 6 RV culture 6 Threats 7 Competitors 7
Analysis and recode current situation 8 Internal analysis 8 RVs internal weakness and strength 8 EMR Innovations internal weakness and strength 9
Marketing Audit 10 RV’s Current Marketing Strategy 10 Main objective 10 Main targets 10 RV’s Problems 11
Alternative Strategies 12 Marketing and distribution of the lock- awn 12
Recommended Strategy 13

Executive summary

Reynolds are a young couple that transferred their interest over RV’s
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They used RVs for traveling since it offers convenience, comfort and freedom to go anywhere and anytime without plan in advance. Some of them are full-time on the road roaming around the country and live in RV. Thus, they want their accommodations to be as comfortable as possible. Most of them are willing to spend their money on accessories like auxiliary fuel tank, power booster and etc. In fact, Richard Dahl, RV owner, manufactured a water filter for RV plumping systems and sold it for $30. Later, he sold 300 more items and established new business for himself. This shows RV owners are willing to accept new ideas which eventually help EMR innovation to succeed.
People created so many types of awning lock to overcome billowing problems. However, most of them are homemade and people reported that they easily damaged. There is one commercial product called "Awning Saver". Eric and Merry examined the product and found that it would not be a threat to their product since the awning saver is difficult to operate and looks similar to the homemade one. Therefore, there is no obstacle for the EMR innovation to enter the market.
To sum up, the external factors show no threat for EMR innovation to enter the market.

Analysis and recode current situation
Internal analysis

RVs internal weakness and strength
Weakness : * Design flaws May decrease RV deficiencies * Most RVs suffered


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