Eileen Fisher Case

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How is the Eileen Fisher brand story embodied in its:
Products: The clothes are stylish, yet simple and built for comfort. The pieces in the collection were designed to work together, so customers could creatively vary their look from day to day. They were designed to make getting dressed easy, and to be versatile enough to be worn to work and out for the evening. Fisher was adamant about designing clothes for real women and developed forgiving silhouettes that flattered women regardless of their body type. The fluid clothes were designed to take the personality of the wearer.
Stores: The store is to enable a certain feel for shoppers. The brand was embodied in the store in the way the clothes were merchandised in the store. The clothes
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It is stated that their profit margins were not as great because they weren’t selling as much at full price. This does not discredit their sales however. This translates to them having to adjust to the economy by offering lower priced products.
The vulnerability they face is from being in a transitioning phase. This is evident by the interview with O’Donnell. This threatened their sales, because it was an example of them trying to transition to a younger market. This affected their loyal customer base; if they lost this base then they would fail. If they try to leap from loyal customers to capturing a new market they risk not being accepted by the new younger demographic and then having their customers feel abandon or not have products to even choose from.
Despite the threats Eileen Fisher is a strong well established brand at the time. They still have their loyal customer base. Sales were yet to diminish based on the brand alone. They could be seen as a growing customer as they are trying to reach a new segment.
Assess EILEEN FISHER'S brand equity, using consumer perceptual metrics, brand performance metrics, and brand financial metrics to assess the asset value of the brand. Is brand equity increasing, decreasing, or holding steady over time?
The overall brand equity of the firm is strong. According to consumer perception, the brand is perceived as for “older women”; however they were being proactive in changing this perception. Even still the “older woman”


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