Edahod5 – Te Educator as Assessor (Assignment 02)

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EDAHOD5 – The Educator as Assessor

Assignment: 02

Question 1
Assessment Activity
Word processing evaluation – Apply the word processing knowledge you have learnt and create a one page document with any type of information containing a document heading, paragraphs and a footer detailing page number and student name. The document also needs to contain a numerical multi level list and a table consisting of 3 columns and 4 rows.
Assessment checklist

* Heading * Paragraphs * Footer * Numerical multilevel list correctly * Table correctly

* Each tick counts 2 marks. Total is out of 20

Assessment grid

Criteria | Mark | Heading correct | 2 | Paragraphs correct | 2 | Footer correct | 4 | Numerical multilevel list
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They are required by this assessment to research a city of their choice using only the internet. Once their research is completed they then have to create a PowerPoint presentation using he information, pictures, maps that they have gained and their knowledge on PowerPoint to create a electronic presentation.

Learning styles, interests and aptitudes catered for in the assessment activity:
The following learning styles were catered for: * Visual learning style: Most of the research and certain of the presentation would have been looking at and placing pictures, maps etc… on the web. * Haptic learning style was also used as learners would have needed to use the PC screen and keyboard.
The following intelligences were also catered for: * Linguistic: researching information and making use of words to describe the city * Intrapersonal: individual research action at the learners own pace and written task * Spatial: Graphics and maps were required to be used * Body-kinaesthetic: use of hands on the keyboard to make use of the software

Assessment principles:
The assessment is fair in that there is no gender, cultural or ethnic prejudice. Learners are able to review any city of their choice. Electronic software and PC use is applicable to all users.

Appropriateness of Assessment:
The assessment