Eco/365 Week 5 Final Paper

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University of Phoenix
ECO 365
April 20, 2011

The evolution of Wal-mart from the early 1960s to the present day has set a benchmark that few can achieve. Wal-mart executives have been successful nationally as well as globally. The knowledge and expertise in economics have made Wal-mart a global giant. The research completed is the final recommendations by the members of research team C and will address questions regarding global competition and issues of the organizations ability to expand or reduce current operations.
Wal-Mart continually advertises their prices to be substantially lower than their competitors. The truth is, most Wal-Mart items do not
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If Wal-Mart succeeds, then the company will continue to challenge its competitors like Target for market shares in the retail industry.
Maximize Profits
In today’s economic downturn, with many losing their jobs, companies face difficult times for expansion. Wal-Mart has seen the opposite affect on their ability to grow. Wal-Mart has seen increased profits throughout this economic crisis, and continues to expand throughout the world. With their low prices, and now the convenience of their supercenters, most consumers are choosing Wal-Mart because of their lost or decreased incomes. People are turning to Wal-Mart in mass, which allows Wal-Mart to keep expanding and maximizing their profits. The organization is currently building new shopping centers around the world and is refurbishing their current stores into supercenters. New stores mean a growing profit, but it also means additional job opportunities in a community that lacks other options. Wal-Mart has strategically moved itself into position to be the world’s largest provider of consumer goods, in which other stores struggle to compete. Government Policy, Social Diversity, and Business Ethics
Wal-Mart continually offers products at prices that are affordable while still managing to expand and reach customers at home and abroad. In order to do this, Wal-Mart must


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