Psy 240 Wk 4 Assignment to Eat or Not to Eat

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To Eat or Not to Eat
Introduction: Hello my name is xxxxxxx xxxxxx and I am an Eating Disorder Counselor. Today I will be discussing the physiological reasons for eating or not eating and then I will open the floor for discussion.
There are two theories on why we get hungry; these theories are called the Set or Settling Point theory, and the other is the Positive – Incentive theory. The Set or Settling theory differs a bit in the point of optimal weight (or fat/energy level) however the basic idea is the same. In this theory everyone has a set point (or an equilibrium) where the body is using the stored energy, and if the body is above this point then it does not become hungry if it is below the set point the body is lacking
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Why is that?
There could be several reasons for this difference; one reason could be that your resting metabolic rate is different from hers. Your body’s ability to fat intake could be different. Of course the main factor is if you are getting enough exercise to dispel the intake of some of the calories. It could be a matter of your girlfriend getting more exercise than you.
3. Nancy asked: My mom says that I became anorexic because I’ve been reading too many Cosmos magazines and I want to look like those girls. Maybe I did, but I really don’t crave food. What do you think it is?
Eating disorders often begin with poor body image or a desire to look like some other person that you see as a role model. If that desire to become slim becomes excessive and you have deprived yourself of food, then you see food as the cause of you not becoming like the girls in the magazine, therefore the positive-incentive for food is no longer there. The positive-incentive or the anticipation of a good experience with food is what causes hunger and that appears to be what is lacking.
4. Tyra asked: I don’t eat because every time I do I just get sick. Do you know why that is?
When the body is deprived of food for a long period of time then is reintroduced to calorie intake it often has an adverse effect which makes you physically ill. It is very often the meal that is the problem. When you feel you are being forced to eat a large portion of