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EST1 - 310.2.3-08

Creating an Ethics Program for Specialty Sports, Inc.
Thank you for joining Specialty Sports, Inc. (the Company). We believe that you have a special contribution to make to our organization, and that you will find your employment with us a rewarding learning experience. We believe that you will feel that your employment with us will be one that is mutually gratifying and beneficial. We think you will find your future at the Company to be full of new opportunities, challenges, learn experience, new friends and become part of a great family.
In any organization, it is important to have the written procedures, standard policies, and general rules of behavior to serve as the ground work for a great relationship.
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Our work environment is not limited to the Company’s facilities, but may also include vendor and client facilities, as well as anywhere the Company business is taking place.
Sexual harassment is a form of prohibited harassment. Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted sexual conduct of any nature that creates a hostile or an offensive workplace. It also may be in the form of offensive, non-sexual conduct that is aimed at an employee because of their gender. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment may occur between members of the same sex or members of the opposite sex. It includes non-sexual offensive action directed at an employee due to their gender. The Company’s rule is that each employee must treat all others with professionalism, dignity and respect at all time while on company time.
Employment Termination
Employment at the Company is at-will. At-will means that your employment with the Company is voluntarily and you are can resign at any time. Similarly, the Company can terminate your employment, with or without explanation or prior notice, at any time.
Employees who terminate their employment voluntarily are asked to provide the Company with at least a two weeks’ notice. IF you fail to return to work on the date agreed upon from an approved leave of absence or if you do not


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